Paired Rail Railroad Publications, Ltd.
Product Design, Artwork & Publishing Services
Stephen worked for the ATSF in both train service and in the engineering department. As the assistant manager of the Track Geometry department he traveled the ATSF/BNSF system extensively. He took an early retirement in 2000 to publish full-time and design models for the model railroad industry. Paired Rail has produced and currently produces model design work for Athearn, Rapido, Walthers, Intermountain, Pacific Western, KATO, MTH, Life-Like, Des Plaines hobbies and several others. The studio is always buzzing with some prototype or model project. Stephen is also the editor of the National Model Railroad Associations magazine Scale Rails. He also helps with Railroads Illustrated, The Caboose Kibitzer and Model Railroad News. Stephen enjoys Illustration and used Adobe products almost exclusively. He has written dozens of articles for the model railroad industry and continues to take part in its shape. He is a member of the Association of Professional Model Makers and of Hobby Marketing Association.
Stephen's articles have been featured in MR, RMC, MRJ, Scale Rails and The Santa Fe Modeler. He has been a guest on the Do It Yourself television show and has had an Allen Keller Productions video produced featuring the Emporia Subdivision.