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Left & Below: A Joint design project with Athearn led to the introduction of several "ready to use" structures. The most notable was the Marion, Kansas depot, a county seat depot whose prototype is still in use today. This structure exemplifies the research and design capabilities of Paired Rail Protomodels. From initial concept to final proofing we had an integral part in the project process.
Above: This rendering was made in Adobe Illustrator for a Rock Island Magazine article featuring the GE U30C. This type of rendering can be produced for article work, posters of for model paint diagrams. Note all the subtile color shading and the use of shadow to enhance the three dimensional appearance of the locomotive.
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We can research and produce artwork for any era, railroad and scale. Our art libraries are well organized to provide quick turn around of projects to meet your manufacturing deadlines. Our team is motivated and knowledgeable and railroad savvy.