Paired Rail Railroad Publications, Ltd.
Product Design, Artwork & Publishing Services
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Paired Rail Proto-Models is a division of PRRP, Ltd. that researches, Designs and builds models for the Model Railroad Industry. Our skilled team of engineers, CAD draftsman and railroaders (prototype) are knowledgeable in all areas of railroading. We have invested in the latest computer and software to facilitate our model creation mission.
The Challenges:

How to get more product out of the door with your existing staff, computers, software and budget.

How to meet peak season demands where your staff is stretched beyond their production capabilities.

The Solution:

We offer overflow services that complement your current staff and design departments. We take orders from you and will deliver artwork that is ready to go to production on time. We utilize the latest graphic techniques and are well versed with pad printing and working with China. We have a high-speed and very easy to use FTP that will allow you to send any size file to us 24/7. Our team of skilled graphic artists are railroad savvy and we have a huge well organized railroad library and ten of thousands of slides at their disposal. Our railroad contact list is extensive and includes Louis A. Marre, Mike Schafer, Jim Eager, Richard Hendrickson to name a few. We currently have a digital library that contains thousands of railroad logos, fonts and symbols ready to be put to use on your projects.
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Finding qualified people to do research and develop accurate models is a challenge. Our team consists of railroaders, railfans and skilled graphic artists.
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